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Listening so we understand your vision is step one with us. We then offer design assistance to help fine tune your concept. Flexibility once the project has begun is also critical - after all, it is YOUR home. Lastly, our experienced project management makes sure we deliver as promised.

From permits to materials, inspections to subcontractors, raw idea to finished product, we make it happen. Our philosophy is to treat your home as if it's our own - a quality job in as safe and clean a worksite as possible.

We also educate the potential client we meet on what questions they should ask any contractor they are considering to hire. Take a look at the questions below to make sure the contractor you hire (and who will be in your home) measures up.

10 questions to ask a prospective contractor

1. Are they licensed in the State of New Jersey?

Every contractor working in NJ must be licensed by law—this insures a contractor has met minimums regarding insurance coverage and references of previous work.

2. Are they fully insured?

Do they carry Liability and Workers Compensation for every worker that will be on site?

3. Is the crew doing the work on the payroll?

Day-workers keep costs low but salaried workers tend to be more responsive with higher skill level resulting in higher quality work.

4. Will the contractor be pulling the appropriate permits to do the work?

This can be time consuming and requires knowledge of scope of work. Additionally, township inspections should be welcomed if the work is done right.

5. Can you reach them by cell phone and e-mail?

Communication is key to any project. You want your contractor to be available and responsive.

6. Are they local?

Local contractors are familiar with the township codes and practices. Since they live and work in the area they have a reputation for quality to uphold.

7. Will the contractor project manage the entire job?

There are many disciplines and details that must be addressed and coordinated so a project runs smoothly and on time. Good project management keeps the work moving and controls costs.

8. Will the contract include milestone payments that are clearly defined?

Never pay a large sum up front for work to be done. Agree to milestones and payment amounts before the job starts.

9. Will the contractor agree to a proposed start and end date for the project?

A 4-week project should not drag out to 9 months. A good contractor will give you a reasonable time frame for completing work.

10. Does your potential contractor provide references where they have done multiple projects?

Repeat customers are the true reflection of a QUALITY long-term contractor that will stand behind their work. Always ask for this type of reference specifically.


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